Amirdrassil Boost: Clear the New Dragonflight 10.2 Raid with WoB!


In this category of WoB site, you can purchase Amirdrassil boosting services, including Normal, Heroic, and Mythic runs, single boss fights (such as Fyrakk, the Blazing), full raid gearing, etc. Released in the WoW 10.2 patch, this PvE instance marks the conclusion of the Dragonflight content and offers top-tier rewards. These range from the AOTC raid mount to a new legendary axe and powerful drops from bosses. Get them all with World of Boost!

Please note that almost all the services below are available as self-play options: Amirdrassil Carry offers you an incredibly efficient way to explore new content with the top teams from the US and EU communities. It’s also the most safe method to complete the ATDH raid, giving you 100% confidence in the security of your World of Warcraft account. Discover our range of Amirdrassil carries, place your order, and let’s dive into the adventure!

Amirdrassil Bundle
Amirdrassil Bundle
  • 2 in 1: Normal and Heroic
  • Normal goes with 75% off
  • New Gear: 454-476 ilvl
FROM $27.00
Amirdrassil Normal
Amirdrassil Normal
  • Group loot and VIP runs
  • Great Vault (454-463 ilvl)
  • Armor or Full Priority
FROM $12.00
Amirdrassil Heroic
Amirdrassil Heroic
  • Various Loot Options
  • Defeat 9/9 Bosses
  • Gear: 467-476 ilvl
FROM $22.00
Amirdrassil Mythic
Amirdrassil Mythic
  • Rewards: 480-489 ilvl
  • Choose Bosses to kill
  • Selfplay only
FROM $399.00
Amirdrassil Bosses
Amirdrassil Bosses
  • Choose bosses to kill
  • Normal or Heroic
  • US and EU Servers
FROM $2.00
Fyrakk the Blazing
Fyrakk the Blazing
  • Amirdrassil Last Boss
  • Normal / Heroic
  • 463-476 ilvl rewards
FROM $6.00
Glory of the Dream Raider
Glory of the Dream Raider
  • Exclusive ATDH Mount
  • Chance for 454-463 ilvl gear
  • New Meta-Achievement
FROM $169.00

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Boost: what you can buy in this category?

At our site, you can access a wide range of Amirdrassil boosting, from fast and secure weekly group loot runs to guaranteed mount farming. These raid services are designed to help players navigate the complexities of ATDH, offering everything from full runs at various difficulties to specific boss encounters. Our flexibility ensures that we precisely meet your needs, whether you're seeking the excitement of defeating Fyrakk or the satisfaction of acquiring particular loot. We collaborate with the best PvE teams worldwide, allowing us to guarantee a successful clear of this new Dragonflight PvE instance. You can expect all 9/9 bosses to be defeated, opening up the chance to obtain amazing rewards. Below is a brief overview of our Amirdrassil boosts:

  • Amirdrassil Normal: Enjoy fast daily group loot runs. This is an excellent way to explore the new raid and acquire 454+ ilvl gear and weapons.
  • Amirdrassil Heroic: Options range from express 9/9 group loot raid completion to VIP runs with guaranteed rewards. This popular difficulty level allows for decent 467+ ilvl drops and the must-have AOTC mount.
  • Amirdrassil Mythic: Choose the bosses you wish to defeat in the most challenging mode of the WoW ATDH raid. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience being part of a professional guild, clear the toughest encounters in this World of Warcraft expansion, and secure 480+ ilvl gear.
  • Fyrakk Kill: Defeat the final boss of Amirdrassil, and obtain the most powerful drops (up to 489 item level), including the Ahead of the Curve or even the Cutting Edge achievement. World of Boost offers an exceptional chance to attain the pinnacle rewards of the ATDH raid without overspending. Get straight to the action!
  • New Mounts: On our site, you can purchase any of the Amirdrassil raid mounts, from the essential Embodiment of Shadowflame and Embodiment of the Blazing to the Shadow Dusk Dream Saber awarded for the Glory of the Amirdrassil raider.
  • Fyr'Alath: World of Boost offers a service that guarantees you this new legendary axe.
  • Specific Amirdrassil Boss Kills: If you need items from a particular boss and don't want to pay for a full ATDH raid run, this service is perfect for you.
  • Full ATDH Raid Gearing: If you want to bypass the RNG and guarantee a full set, World of Boost provides this opportunity.

In essence, our Amirdrassil boosting services at WoB site cater to a broad spectrum of player needs, offering everything from comprehensive raid completions to targeted boss kills. Whether you're aiming for high-level gear, rare mounts, or specific achievements, we provide a reliable and customized solution to enhance your World of Warcraft raiding experience.

Amirdrassil Carry by WoB: What does it imply?

The cornerstone of our boosting services is the security of your account. That's why we prioritize self-played Amirdrassil carry services in World of Warcraft. This approach allows us to maintain high safety standards, ensuring a ban-free experience. It grants you the opportunity to obtain the most sought-after rewards in the ATDH raid without compromising the security of your World of Warcraft account.

At its core, the Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Carry service, is designed to assist players in navigating the challenging content of the ATDH raid. The key to this service is self-play, which guarantees that your account remains secure and risk-free. Our assistance is diverse, from guiding you through the complex boss fights of Amirdrassil to helping you achieve specific raid objectives. Whether it's understanding intricate strategies or executing precise gameplay mechanics, our team is there to support you.

The Amirdrassil Carries we offer are a crucial component of our raid services. They prove particularly beneficial for players constrained by time or prefer to avoid the more challenging aspects of this Dragonflight 10.2 PvE instance. By leveraging the expertise of our PRO gamers, recipients of the carry can access and enjoy elements of the Dream's Hope raid that might be out of reach due to skill disparities or limited playtime. This service enhances your raiding experience and provides a learning opportunity to improve your gameplay.

In conclusion, our WoW Amirdrassil Carry is tailored to offer a secure, efficient, and rewarding raiding experience. We bridge the gap between player capability and raid challenges, ensuring that all players can enjoy and succeed in one of World of Warcraft's most exciting raids.

Why Choose World of Boost for Buying Amirdrassil Carry?

The WoB brand, renowned for its exceptional World of Warcraft boosting, has earned widespread recognition across US and EU servers, particularly for its expertise in the Amirdrassil raid carry services. This reputation is built on several foundational pillars:
  • We Value Your Time: Understanding the importance of your time in today's fast-paced world, WoB has developed a WoW scheduling system tailored for the Amirdrassil raid. This flexible system allows you to select a time slot that fits your routine, ensuring that our boost services for the Amirdrassil raid integrate seamlessly into your daily life without any hassle.
  • The Fastest Customer Support: Our 24/7 support team stands out in the industry. Equipped with extensive knowledge of WoW Retail content, the World of Boost site ensures quick and accurate responses to all inquiries. You can expect prompt, comprehensive solutions to your queries, delivered in a friendly and effective manner.
  • The Best US and EU PvE Guilds: The expertise of our PRO gamers in the Amirdrassil raid is unparalleled. These expert WoW players have spent years honing their skills, particularly in PvE content. Their proficiency guarantees that your orders, whether completing the ATDH raid or acquiring specific items, are executed with exceptional speed and accuracy.
  • 100% Security: WoB prioritizes the safety of your WoW account, especially during Amirdrassil raid carries. Our preference for self-played services ensures confidentiality and security, safeguarding your account against unauthorized access and potential threats.
  • Only Fair Play. Always: Committed to upholding ethical standards, WoB's experts strictly avoid using prohibited tools, bugs, or exploits in the Amirdrassil raid. This approach ensures that all achievements and progress obtained through our services are legitimate, protecting your account from potential penalties or bans. Our focus on skill and integrity ensures a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid Overview

Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope (ATDH), marks a significant chapter in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight 10.2. This raid, set in the vibrant Emerald Dream, introduces players to a narrative where the newly sprouted World Tree, ATDH, is on the verge of blossoming into Azeroth. However, the ancient evil, Fyrakk, threatens its existence, compelling heroes to unite against this peril.

Raid release schedule:

  • LFR (Looking for Raid) Wings: Four wings released staggered across four weeks starting November 14, 2023.

This raid presents nine unique bosses, each with its own set of challenges and mechanics.

  1. Gnarlroot
  2. Igira the Cruel
  3. Volcoross
  4. Council of Dreams
  5. Larodar
  6. Nymue
  7. Smolderon
  8. Tindral Sageswift
  9. Fyrakk

Item levels in Amirdrassil vary based on the difficulty and boss tier. For example, bosses 1-2 drop loot from LFR 441 to Mythic 480, while 8-9 offer items from LFR 450 to Mythic 489. Check the comprehensive information below.

Item Levels:

  • Bosses 1-2: LFR 441, Normal 454, Heroic 467, Mythic 480;
  • Bosses 3-4: LFR 444, Normal 457, Heroic 470, Mythic 483;
  • Bosses 5-7: LFR 447, Normal 460, Heroic 473, Mythic 486;
  • Bosses 8-9: LFR 450, Normal 463, Heroic 476, Mythic 489.

Unique Drops: Rare items like Ouroboreal Necklet and Dreambinder.

Trinkets: Special items with unique effects from boss Fyrakk.

Cosmetic Drops: Including mounts, Dragonriding customizations, and Druid Form customizations.

Tier sets, a core feature of this raid, offer tailored bonuses for each class, enhancing gameplay. These draconic-themed tier sets are specific to the Dragonflight expansion, with each class having distinct set aesthetics and bonuses. The pieces are distributed across different bosses, adding an element of strategy to loot acquisition. These sets include five pieces - Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands, and Legs - that contribute to unique Tier Set bonuses. The bonuses are activated when 2 or 4 of these set pieces are equipped, with each bonus being specific to a class's specialization and automatically adjusting when changing specs within a class.

Classes per Tier Set:

  • Dreadful: Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Warlock
  • Mystic: Druid, Hunter, Mage
  • Venerated: Paladin, Priest, Shaman
  • Zenith: Evoker, Monk, Rogue, Warrior


Can you buy a boost for the Amirdrassil raid at WoB?

  • Absolutely! We offer professional raid runs for the ATDH raid starting every hour, catering to various playstyles and preferences.

Why should I consider buying an Amirdrassil Carry?

  • Opting for an Amirdrassil Carry is wise due to its self-played and 100% secure nature. You'll have the opportunity to explore the raid alongside our PRO gamers, enhancing your experience and skills.

What is the best place to buy Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid runs?

  • For those seeking Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid runs, the World of Boost site is your premier destination, especially for players on EU and US official servers. We are renowned for our reliability and quality of service.

Can I get guaranteed loot?

  • Indeed, you can. Choose our armor and token tier priority run available in Normal and Heroic difficulties, including unsaved boosters sharing their rewards with you, ensuring loot guarantees. Alternatively, our full gear farm service comes with a 100% guarantee for complete set acquisition.

What is your money-back policy?

  • Our money-back policy ensures customer satisfaction. We offer a full or partial refund if a service is not delivered as described or fails to meet your expectations. Please refer to our terms and conditions for detailed information.

Purchasing Amirdrassil Boosting at WoB site: Step-by-step guide

Buying an Amirdrassil boost at our site is a straightforward and secure process:
1) Select Service and Pay Securely:
  • Browse our catalog on the WoB Site for various Amirdrassil carries.
  • Review and confirm your selection matches your raid objectives.
  • Proceed to our secure payment gateway for a safe transaction.
2) Order Confirmation and Communication:
  • After payment, our team will contact you via Discord, Skype, or E-mail.
  • Confirm order details and clarify any doubts.
3) Scheduling and Guidance:
  • We'll schedule your carry and provide detailed guidance for the raid.
4) Carry Execution:
  • Follow the instructions to smoothly complete the Amirdrassil raid.
5) Feedback for Quality Assurance:
  • Share your experience to help us improve and guide others.
  • Contact us for any issues; we ensure resolution and satisfaction.
World of Boost ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, enhancing your raid performance in Amirdrassil.