Amirdrassil Bundle

Amirdrassil Bundle

At World of Boost, we understand the crucial role of efficiently gearing up during the current game phase, especially in completing the Amirdrassil raid on both Normal (NM) and Heroic (HC) difficulties weekly. To streamline your gaming experience, we've developed an exclusive bundle service that merges NM and HC raids into a cost-effective package. This comprehensive solution saves you money and simplifies your raiding strategy by consolidating your needs into one convenient offer.

Furthermore, we provide flexibility in this bundle. You can spread your raiding across multiple sessions, extending over two weeks. It allows for optimal utilization of Great Vault rewards and offers the chance to enhance multiple characters - like completing HC with your main character and NM with an alt.

World of Boost Amirdrassil Raid Drop Details:

  • 454 NM / 467 HC ilvl from Gnarlroot and Igira the Cruel.
  • 457 NM / 470 HC ilvl from Volcoross and Council of Dreams.
  • 460 NM / 473 HC ilvl from Larodar, Nymue, and Smolderon.
  • 463 NM / 476 HC ilvl from Tindral Sageswift and Fyrakk the Blazing.

Additionally, this bundle grants must-have achievements, including Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing, Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope, and Heroic: Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope for defeating all bosses.

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Quick Summary

Feature Details
Start Time Check the schedule for availability
Execution Time 1-3 hours
  • Complete Amirdrassil Normal run
  • Complete Amirdrassil Heroic run
  • Opportunity to acquire 454-463 ilvl gear in Normal mode through Group Loot
  • Chance to get 467-476 ilvl gear in Heroic mode via Group Loot
  • Possibility of receiving the Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Blazing Dragonriding customization from Fyrakk 
  • Additional drops during the raid (includes gold, currencies, etc.)
  • Level 70 character on EU or US server
  • Selfplay option (you actively participate with your character alongside our professional players)
  • Must attack each boss at least once to be eligible for loot from that boss
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Amirdrassil Bundle
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