WoW Raid boost: EU and US Official Servers


In this category of our WoB site, you can find a wide array of WoW Raid boosting services. It includes Normal, Heroic, and Mythic runs, single boss encounters, full PvE gearing, and more. Our services cover different raids released across various patches and expansions. From new mounts to legendary items and high-ilvl gear drops from the hardest bosses, World of Boost ensures you can get these rewards fast, enhancing your WoW PvE experience.

Please be aware that most services in this WoW Raid carry category imply self-play. It provides a highly efficient method to experience new content alongside premier teams from the US and EU PvE gaming communities. It is also the safest way to complete various instances, ensuring the 100% security for your World of Warcraft account. Explore our selection of WoW Raids carries, make your choice, and start an epic PvE adventure with us!

WoW Raid Boosting at WoB Site: Range of Services Explained

On our site, you can find a diverse array of World of Warcraft raid boosting services, tailored to accommodate various PvE needs. These offerings include fast and secure weekly group loot runs, gear farming, mounts hunting, and more. Our offerings are crafted to assist players in navigating the hardest challenges of different instances, featuring options from full raid runs at various difficulty levels to specific boss encounters. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet all of your unique requirements.

Our collaboration with top PvE guilds globally ensures the successful completion of your chosen World of Warcraft raid. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Normal/Heroic runs every hour: Participating in daily self-played group loot runs is a great way to delve into the latest PvE content and acquire high-level gear and weapons.
  • VIP runs with loot trading: take advantage of professional WoW raid boosts with guaranteed rewards, suitable for obtaining substantial item level drops and sought-after mounts.
  • Mythic Raids Carry: Tackle the most challenging PvE mode with an opportunity to pick specific bosses to defeat: 100% safe, self-played services. It offers a chance to experience elite guild gameplay and secure top-tier gear.
  • Last Boss Kills: Target the defeat of final raid bosses, gaining access to their highest-quality loot drops and prestigious achievements.
  • Raid Mounts: World of Boost grants an opportunity to purchase rare mounts from any WoW raids.
  • Transmog Runs: get unique skins from legacy PvE content and make your character look epic!
  • Legendary Items: Secure legendary items available through our specialized services.
  • Specific Boss Kills: Tailor your experience by targeting loot from specific bosses, avoiding the cost of a full raid run.
  • Full Raid Gearing: Opt for a complete gear set, bypassing RNG for guaranteed acquisition.

In summary, our WoW raid boosting services cover all possible needs of any PvE player. Whether you're aiming for top-tier gear, exclusive mounts, or notable achievements, our tailored solutions are designed to enhance your WoW experience.

WoW Raid Carry: 100% Safe Self-Played Method

The foundation of our boosting site is the security of your World of Warcraft account. That's why we highlight self-played WoW Carry services. This method upholds the highest account safety standards, providing a ban-free experience and allowing you to earn coveted rewards from various PvE instances without risking your account's security.

At its core, our WoW Raid carries are designed to guide customers through the various boss encounters in PvE instance zones. Self-play is a key feature of our offerings, ensuring your account's safety and integrity. Our services range from navigating you through tough boss battles to assisting in unlocking specific achievements, all kinds of mounts, transmogs, and gear. Whether it involves mastering complex PvE tactics and mechanics, having high DPS or HPS requirements, or being extremely RNG-based, our professional groups are dedicated to supporting your PvE goals.

Summing up, these services have several vital aspects that make them particularly special:

  • Expert Assistance: WoW raid carries are conducted by highly skilled and experienced players. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the game's mechanics and strategies, enabling them to guide less experienced players through complex PvE instances successfully.
  • Time Efficiency: For many players, the time commitment required to complete raids can be overwhelming. World of Warcraft Raid carries provide a faster way to experience these high-level contents. This is especially beneficial for players with limited gaming time who still wish to experience end-game content.
  • Learning Opportunity: Participating in a raid carry can be an educational experience. Players can observe and learn from seasoned gamers, picking up tactics and strategies that can improve their gameplay.
  • Increased Accessibility: Not all players can access a dedicated guild or group. World of Boost makes raiding more accessible to solo players or those in smaller or less experienced guilds.
  • Safety and Security: Our site prioritizes the safety and security of your account, offering self-play options to ensure that account sharing is not required.
  • Customization: All our offers imply tailored experiences, from full raid clears to specific boss fights, depending on the player's needs and goals. This customization ensures customers get exactly what they want from the service.
  • Community Aspect: Engaging in a raid run can also be a social experience, allowing players to interact with others from different parts of the world, potentially leading to new friendships and connections within the WoW community.

In conclusion, our WoW Raids carry service is crafted to provide a secure, effective, and enriching World of Warcraft PvE experience, bridging the gap between player skill and all kinds of challenges. It ensures that players of all levels can enjoy and succeed in the diverse and thrilling content that Azeroth offers.

Why choose World of Boost for buying WoW Raid Runs?

The WoB brand, acclaimed for its superior World of Warcraft boosting, has gained notable recognition across US and EU servers, especially for its proficiency in WoW Raids carry services. This esteemed reputation is founded on several key pillars:
  • Valuing Your Time: Recognizing the importance of your time in today's fast-paced world, WoB has developed a PvE scheduling system. This flexible system lets you choose a time slot that fits your routine, ensuring our runs smoothly integrate into your daily life.
  • Rapid Customer Support: Our 24/7 support team stands out in the industry. Armed with a deep understanding of WoW Retail content, World of Boost promises swift and accurate responses to all inquiries, offering prompt, comprehensive solutions in a friendly and effective manner.
  • Top PvE Guilds in the US and EU: Our PRO gamers, specializing in PvE content, are unmatched in their expertise. These expert players, with years of experience, ensure your orders, from completing raids to acquiring specific items and achievements, are fulfilled with exceptional speed and precision.
  • Guaranteed Security: At WoB, the safety of your WoW account during carries is paramount. Our emphasis on self-played services guarantees the confidentiality and security of your account, protecting it from unauthorized access and threats.
  • Commitment to Fair Play: Upholding ethical gaming standards, WoB's professionals strictly avoid using banned tools, bugs, or exploits during runs. This policy ensures all achievements and progress through our services are legitimate, safeguarding your account from potential penalties or bans. We place a high value on skill and integrity for a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.
In essence, World of Boost's WoW Raids carry services are distinguished by their respect for client time, exceptional customer support, top-tier gaming expertise, unwavering account security, and a steadfast commitment to fair play.

World of Warcraft Raiding: All you need to know

  • What is Raiding?

Raiding in World of Warcraft is an exciting team activity where players work together to defeat challenging instance zones known as raids. This WoW PvE content is packed with unique challenges, puzzles, and powerful bosses.

  • Team Composition

Raids usually involve 10 to 25 players, each playing a specific role:

    • Damage Dealers attack enemies.
    • Healers keep the team alive.
    • Tanks protect the team by absorbing enemy attacks.
  • Evolution of Raids

Raids have evolved significantly. Early raids like Molten Core required intense planning, while modern raids test players' skills and teamwork.

  • Unique Environments and Lore

Each raid has a distinct setting and story, ranging from ancient temples to enemy fortresses. The stories add depth, making these PvE instances more than just battles.

  • Boss Fights

WoW Raids feature a series of bosses, each with unique abilities and tactics. Learning and adapting to these is key to success.

  • Rewards of Raiding

Successful runs offer various rewards:

    • Powerful Gear
    • Prestigious Achievements
    • Rare Mounts
  • Social Aspect

Raiding fosters a strong sense of community and teamwork, creating friendships and camaraderie within the game.

  • Continuous Evolution

Each new expansion introduces new raids, keeping the gameplay fresh and challenging for all players. World of Boost is here to be your reliable ally in these unforgettable adventures.

In summary, raiding in World of Warcraft is a rewarding and socially engaging activity that combines strategic gameplay, teamwork, and storytelling. It's a core part of the game's appeal, offering challenges and rewards for players of all levels.


Can you buy a boost for WoW Raids at WoB?

  • Definitely! We provide professional runs for various WoW Raids every hour, accommodating different playstyles and preferences.

Why should I consider buying a WoW Raid Carry?

  • Choosing a WoW Raid Carry is an intelligent decision for its self-played and 100% secure approach. It allows you to experience raids alongside our professional gamers, enhancing your enjoyment and skills.

What is the best place to buy WoW Raid runs?

  • World of Boost site is the top choice, particularly for players on EU and US official servers. We're known for our consistent reliability, fast start and execution of any order, and exceptional service quality.

Can I get guaranteed loot?

  • Yes, you can. Opt for our armor and token tier priority runs in Normal and Heroic difficulties, which include boosters passing on their rewards to you, thus ensuring guaranteed loot. Our comprehensive gear farm service also offers a 100% guarantee for acquiring a complete gear set.

What is your money-back policy?

  • Our money-back policy is designed to ensure your satisfaction. If any service is not delivered as promised or doesn't meet your expectations, we provide a full or partial refund. For more details, please check our terms and conditions.

How to make an order at World of Boost?

When you choose World of Boost (WoB), you select a site that's both efficient and secure. Here's a step-by-step guide to making your purchase:
Service Selection and Secure Payment:
  • Explore our extensive range of boosts available on the WoB website, which are suitable for all types of your gaming needs.
  • Make sure to check and ensure that your choice aligns with your objectives.
  • Please proceed with your purchase using our secure payment gateway, ensuring a safe and protected transaction.
Order Confirmation and Communication:
  • Once your payment is processed, expect a prompt follow-up from our team through your preferred contact method, Discord, Skype, or email.
  • We will confirm the specifics of your order and are ready to answer any questions to clarify your requirements.
Scheduling and Preparatory Guidance:
  • We will coordinate with you to schedule your boost at a time that's most convenient for you.
  • Our team will provide all necessary information and guidance regarding your order.
Execution of the Boost:
  • Depending on the service chosen, you may either engage in the game alongside our professional players (in the case of self-play services) or opt for account sharing, where our expert will handle the gameplay. We provide a live stream for you to watch in the latter scenario.
  • Our objective is to ensure a smooth and successful completion of your chosen service.
Post-Service Feedback and Support:
  • Your feedback is crucial in helping us continually improve our services.
  • Should any issues arise, our dedicated 24/7 support team is committed to resolving them efficiently.
At World of Boost, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience, enhancing your performance across various games and challenges.