Amirdrassil Heroic Boost

Amirdrassil Heroic

Buy the Amirdrassil Heroic Boost at the WoB site for an enhanced World of Warcraft Dragonflight experience. This service allows you to defeat all nine bosses in the Heroic Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope raid, perfect for gearing up at the onset of Dragonflight Season 3.

You'll complete the raid and earn prestigious achievements for each boss. The loot? It's impressive, with item levels from 467 to 476, significantly boosting your gameplay.

We offer three loot options tailored to your preferences:

  • Full Priority
  • Armor & Token Priority (ATP)
  • Group Loot

See the "Options and Rewards " section below for detailed descriptions of each option.


99% of our Amirdrassil Heroic raid runs are carries: they are done with self-play. After purchasing, our 24/7 support will contact you via Discord, Skype, or Email. They'll guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth experience with our expert PvE guilds.

The steps are simple:

  1. Choose and buy your desired Amirdrassil Heroic run.
  2. Start a chat on Discord with our support, who will add you shortly after purchase.
  3. Join the Raid: At the scheduled time, our team will invite you or guide you to join via the LFG tool.
  4. Enjoy your run with our PRO gamers. Ask your manager any questions via Skype or Discord.
  5. After completion, please share your feedback on Trustpilot.

This process ensures a secure and enjoyable PvE experience in WoW Dragonflight Season 3.


Dragonflight Season 3 introduces the Amirdrassil Heroic Boost. This challenging raid features nine bosses, each with unique abilities and mechanics. You'll have the chance to collect Heroic-level gear, including weapons, trinkets, and armor.

Loot rewards are item level-based:

  • 467 ilvl gear from the first two bosses.
  • 470 ilvl drops from the next two bosses.
  • 473 ilvl loot from middle-tier bosses.
  • 476 ilvl rewards from the final bosses.

Additionally, you might find rare items with higher item levels, randomly dropping from any boss.

Options and Rewards

Feature Full Priority Armor & Token Priority
Bosses Defeated (Heroic Mode) 9/9 Bosses killed 9/9 Bosses killed
Loot Reservation Full Armor Reservation Armor Type and Tier Token Reservation
Loot Guarantee All suitable items per run (467-476 ilvl) * 10 players: 4+ 467-476 ilvl* per run
15 players: 5+ 467-476 ilvl* per run
20 players: 7+ 467-476 ilvl* per run
Weekly Great Vault Reward 1x 467-476 ilvl item, choice of 3 items 1x 467-476 ilvl item, choice of 3 items
Loot Trading Terms*

Exclusive customer of your armor type in raid, roll for weapons, trinkets, and accessories (except full priority). Guaranteed number of items varies by option, with the possibility of more if lucky. RNG-based drops. Bonus rolls and non-upgrading drops count toward the guarantee. 
**If the guaranteed number of items is not received, World of Boost provides another carry next week for the guaranteed items.

Same as Full Priority, but with armor type and tier token reservation.

*Please note that the actual drop rate is RNG-based and may vary. The guarantee refers to the minimum number of items you will receive, with a chance of obtaining more. **In the rare event the guaranteed number of items is not met, World of Boost commits to providing an additional carry the following week to fulfill the guarantee.

Quick Summary

Feature Details
Start Time Check the schedule
Execution Time 1-3 hours
  • Level 70 character on EU or US server
  • Attack each boss at least once to qualify for loot from that fight
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