Amirdrassil Normal Carry

Amirdrassil Normal

Buy the Amirdrassil Normal carry at the World of Boost site and team up with our expert gamers to tackle the third Dragonflight raid in World of Warcraft. This is an exciting opportunity for WoW fans to challenge nine bosses and win new gear, ranging from item levels 454 to 463, including guaranteed Great Vault rewards. Our services cover all EU and US retail realms, with cross-server runs.

The Amirdrassil Normal boost is perfect for the start of Dragonflight Season 3, especially for new characters. It helps you get tier-set bonuses and Best in Slot items and gears you up for more challenging runs. You can try Normal, HC, and Mythic modes weekly for better loot chances. Our boosts save time and reduce frustration, avoiding group wipes, long queues, and coordination hassles. Enjoy quick, professional runs with our PvE guilds.

Amirdrassil Normal Boost: Options Explained

Choose from three options for the Amirdrassil Normal raid boosting:

  • Full Priority;
  • Armor & Token Priority (ATP);
  • Group Loot.

These options are cost-effective, ensuring maximum benefit at a fair price.

  • Group loot runs are popular for their quick Great Vault rewards and weekly raid drops. With the Guardians of the Dream 10.2 patch, this will be the primary service as our teams gear up for loot trading.
  • Full Priority and ATP options offer better gear chances with loot guarantees and reserved Tier Tokens.

How does it work?

  1. Pick your loot preference and boost time from our online calendar.
  2. Our support agent will contact you within 5-10 minutes via Discord, Skype, or Email. For immediate assistance, reach out on our Discord channel.
  3. Log in at the scheduled time for an invite to the raid.
  4. Experience an efficient Amirdrassil Normal boost with elite guild support.

Options and Rewards

Feature Full Priority Armor & Token Priority
Bosses Defeated (Normal Mode) 9/9 Bosses killed 9/9 Bosses killed
Loot Reservation Full Armor Reservation Armor Type and Tier Token Reservation
Loot Guarantee All suitable items per run (454-463 ilvl) * 10 players: 4+ 454-463 ilvl* per run
15 players: 5+ 454-463 ilvl* per run
20 players: 7+ 454-463 ilvl* per run
Weekly Great Vault Reward 1x 454-463 ilvl item, choice of 3 items 1x 454-463 ilvl item, choice of 3 items
Loot Trading Terms*

Exclusive customer of your armor type in raid, roll for weapons, trinkets, and accessories (except full priority). Guaranteed number of items varies by option, with the possibility of more if lucky. RNG-based drops. Bonus rolls and non-upgrading drops count toward the guarantee. 
**If the guaranteed number of items is not received, World of Boost provides another carry next week for the guaranteed items.

Same as Full Priority, but with armor type and tier token reservation.

Important Information:

  • The drop rate for items is subject to RNG and may differ each time. The loot guarantee ensures a minimum quantity of items, with a possibility of receiving additional drops.
  • Should the number of items guaranteed not be achieved during your raid, World of Boost pledges to offer an extra carry in the subsequent week to meet the promised item count.

Quick Summary

Feature Details
Start Time Online Timetable (book your raid slot)
Execution Time 1-3 hours
  • Level 70 character on EU or US server
  • Attack each boss at least once to qualify for loot from that fight
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Amirdrassil Normal
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