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Vicious Saddle

WoB site streamlines your WoW Dragonflight experience and allows you to buy Vicious Saddle Boost, a convenient way to get this coveted PvP item with real money. We can do it on any EU or US server.

  • What is WoW Vicious Saddle?

The Vicious Saddle, a prestigious World of Warcraft reward, requires players to engage in rated PvP battles. To earn it, fill your PvP progress bar to 100% at Combatant rank (1000+) after obtaining the seasonal mount. Completing this during the current season is crucial, as progress doesn’t carry over.

  • How to get Vicious Saddle?

Upon reaching 100%, the Vicious Saddle is awarded, allowing you to claim faction-specific Vicious mounts, reflecting your PvP prowess. Originating from the classic game's rank 11 mounts, the variety of Vicious mounts has expanded over the expansions, continuing in Dragonflight. Players need to participate in rated PvP and fill the progress bar for these esteemed rewards.

  • How does this service work?

Our service involves a professional gamer accessing your account to participate in PvP battles and securing the Vicious Moonbeast seasonal mount or, if already obtained, the Vicious Saddle. This service saves time and effort and includes any additional PvP rewards that may be received during the boost (mounts, currencies, gear).

  • Why select World of Boost?

Our service is powered by elite World of Warcraft PvP guilds, promising swift and secure delivery at low prices. With World of Boost, acquiring any PvP saddle mount becomes a seamless and quick process, allowing you to expand your collection effortlessly.

Avoid the lengthy and demanding process of solo or group arena and battleground endeavors. You save time, effort, and resources by choosing our Vicious Saddle service. Obtain your mount affordably and stress-free!

Quick Summary

Category Details
  • Start Time: 1-3 hours
  • The boost will take: 1-2 days per saddle
  • Vicious Moonbeast account-wide mount (Dragonflight Season 3)
  • The desired amount of Vicious Saddle after obtaining seasonal mount
  • Retain all gold and additional rewards obtained during the boost
  • Character: Must be level 70 on EU or US servers
  • Account Sharing: A World of Boost expert will securely manage your account
  • If you're aiming to acquire the Vicious Saddle item but haven't yet obtained the Vicious Moonbeast mount, it's important to purchase a minimum of two Vicious Saddles. This is because your first Vicious Saddle will be automatically traded for the Vicious Moonbeast mount.
Vicious Saddle
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