Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros Boost


This service offers to buy Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros boost, a legendary mace in World of Warcraft, for players who want to save time and energy. The offer includes acquiring the necessary items, crafting the Sulfuron Hammer, and merging it with the Eye of Sulfuras to create the Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros. The boosting is 100% manual, and our expert player will log into your account and complete WoW classic quest chain to acquire the weapon. The mace can be used for transmogrification, allowing you to use the weapon's appearance on other characters on your account. 

Classes that can use Sulfuras for transmogrification are:

  • Paladin (Retribution);
  • Warrior (Arms, Fury);
  • Death Knight (Blood, Frost, Unholy).

Sulfuras Boosting Service: How it works

To buy the Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros transmog farming service at the World of Boost, follow these steps:

  • After purchasing the Sulfuras boost, our manager will contact you in Discord to arrange the details, such as starting time, playing schedule, and other nuances.
  • Our manager will keep you updated throughout the quest chain boosting process and inform you when the job is complete.
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Skip the tedious transmogs grinding and enlarge your World of Warcraft collections hassle-free by taking advantage of our Sulfuras xmog boosting service. Our professional WoW gamers will handle the entire process for you, saving you dozens of hours of your time.

Quick Summary

Category Details
  • Start Time: 1-3 hours
  • The boost will take: Up to 4 weeks
  • Character: Must be level 70 on EU or US servers
  • Classes: Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight (DK)
  • Piloted Service: A World of Boost expert will securely manage your account
from $99.00