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Lizi's Reins

World of Boost offers a swift and efficient service to buy Lizi's Reins mount in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion. By choosing this service, you're opting for an express boost to complete the 'To Tame A Thunderspine' quest, led by our professional WoW gamers.

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Our expert PvE player will navigate through the required steps to unlock the Thunderspine Tramper mount, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

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Because ordering the Lizi's Reins mount boost from the WoB site will make your WoW adventures more convenient. Skip the grind of quest farming and save valuable time and effort: spend your gaming time on more entertaining activities. 

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Our services are done by top-tier World of Warcraft guilds, ensuring speed and security at a cost-effective price. Choose World of Boost for your Thunderspine Tramper mount acquisition. Experience a straightforward and rapid method to obtain highly sought-after rewards from World of Warcraft's demanding questlines. Expand your collection of WoW mounts effortlessly with our expert help!

Lizi's Reins Mount Unlocking Process Explained

Unlock the Lizi's Reins mount in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion with a five-day questing adventure:

    • Start with the 'Initiate's Date Out' Quest: Found at 56, 76 in Ohn'ahran Plains, complete this quest as part of your leveling.
    • Reach Level 70 and Renown 9: Necessary to unlock the 'Replacement Hooves' quest with the Maruuk Centaur.

Daily Quests Overview:

    • Day 1: Collect 20 Fluorescent Fluids from insects (or buy from the Auction House) and 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.
    • Day 2: Gather 20 High-Fiber Leaves from plant-type creatures (available at the Auction House) and another 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.
    • Day 3: Fish for 10 Thousandbite Piranhas or purchase them, and collect 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.
    • Day 4: Obtain 20 Woolly Mountain Pelts from mammoths, goats, or yaks, and 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.
    • Day 5: Get Meluun's Green Curry from Ohn Meluun (58, 72) and gather the last 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.

Complete these quests over five days to be rewarded with the Lizi's Reins mount, a unique addition to your collection, symbolizing your adventures across the Dragon Isles. If you want to skip this grindy questline - use World of Boost!

Quick Summary

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  • Start Time: 1-3 hours
  • The boost will take: Approximately 5 days
  • Lizi's Reins account-wide mount
  • Retain all gold and additional rewards obtained during the boost
  • Character: Must be level 70 on EU or US servers
  • Account Sharing: A World of Boost expert will securely manage your account
  • Renown Requirement: Renown 9 with Maruuk Centaur
Lizi's Reins
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