Guardians of the Dream Campaign

Guardians of the Dream Campaign

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Completing the storyline in each World of Warcraft expansion, including Dragonflight 10.2, is essential as it unlocks critical features and activities. The rewards are enticing:

  • Defenders of the Dream Achievement: Earn this when you complete all parts.
  • New Mount: Receive the Flourishing Whimsydrake dragonriding mount for completing the Emerald Welcome quest.
  • Unlock Late-Game Content: Access endgame experiences in the Emerald Dream zone, including new World Quests and the Dream Wardens faction.
  • Gear and Aerial Stones: Get powerful starting gear with item levels over 418, plus numerous Aerial Stones for enhancements.

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Guardians of the Dream Chapters Overview

  • Chapter 1: Coalition of Flames - Start with Shandris Feathermoon's questline in Patch 10.1.7 to initiate the Patch 10.2 campaign.
  • Chapter 2: Enter the Dream - Defend the World Tree in the Emerald Dream against Fyrakk and the Druids of the Flame.
  • Chapter 3: Druids of the Flame - Follow Tyrande as she confronts Norana and thwarts the druids' plans.
  • Chapter 4: Ice and Fire - Scout a Primalist camp and prevent Lethka's betrayal from causing a disaster.
  • Chapter 5: Eye of Ysera - Join forces to fend off Djaradin besieging the Eye of Ysera and secure it.

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Guardians of the Dream Campaign
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