Heroic Aberrus Boost

Aberrus Heroic

Buy the Aberrus Heroic Boost on the WoB website for an upgraded World of Warcraft Dragonflight journey. This service enables you to conquer all nine bosses in the Heroic Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid – a fantastic way to gear up at the beginning of Dragonflight Season 3.

Completing the raid nets you esteemed achievements for each boss. As for the loot, expect items ranging from 428 to 444 in level, significantly enhancing your gameplay.

We present three customized loot options to suit your needs:

  • Full Priority
  • Armor & Token Priority (ATP)
  • Group Loot

For comprehensive details on each option, refer to the "Options and Rewards" section below.


In nearly all our Aberrus Heroic raid runs, we employ a carry approach, primarily through self-play. Once you've made your purchase, our round-the-clock support will reach out via Discord, Skype, or Email to guide you through the process, connecting you with our expert PvE guilds.

The procedure is straightforward:

  1. Select and purchase your preferred Aberrus Heroic run.
  2. Engage in a Discord chat with our support team, who will add you following your purchase.
  3. Join the Raid: At the set time, our team will either invite you or assist you in joining via the LFG tool.
  4. Experience the raid with our professional gamers. Feel free to ask any questions through Skype or Discord.
  5. Post-raid, we appreciate your feedback on Trustpilot.

This method guarantees a safe and enjoyable PvE adventure in WoW Dragonflight Season 3.


With Dragonflight Season 3, the Aberrus Heroic Boost introduces a challenging raid with nine distinct bosses, each boasting unique abilities and tactics. The raid offers you the opportunity to acquire Heroic-level gear, including weapons, trinkets, and armor.

Loot distribution is based on item levels:

  • 428-434 ilvl gear from the initial pair of bosses.
  • 431-437 ilvl items from the subsequent two bosses.
  • 434 ilvl loot from the middle-tier bosses.
  • 437-444 ilvl rewards from the ultimate bosses.

Moreover, you may encounter rare, higher-level items randomly dropped by any boss.

Options and Rewards

Feature Full Priority Armor & Token Priority
Bosses Defeated (Heroic Mode) 9/9 Bosses killed 9/9 Bosses killed
Loot Reservation Full Armor Reservation Armor Type and Tier Token Reservation
Loot Guarantee All suitable items per run (428-444 ilvl) * 10 players: 4+ 428-444 ilvl* per run
15 players: 5+ 428-444 ilvl* per run
20 players: 7+ 428-444 ilvl* per run
Weekly Great Vault Reward 1x 428-444 ilvl item, choice of 3 items 1x 428-444 ilvl item, choice of 3 items
Loot Trading Terms*

Exclusive customer of your armor type in raid, roll for weapons, trinkets, and accessories (except full priority). Guaranteed number of items varies by option, with the possibility of more if lucky. RNG-based drops. Bonus rolls and non-upgrading drops count toward the guarantee. 
**If the guaranteed number of items is not received, World of Boost provides another carry next week for the guaranteed items.

Same as Full Priority, but with armor type and tier token reservation.

*Please note that the actual drop rate is RNG-based and may vary. The guarantee refers to the minimum number of items you will receive, with a chance of obtaining more. **In the rare event the guaranteed number of items is not met, World of Boost commits to providing an additional carry the following week to fulfill the guarantee.

Quick Summary

Feature Details
Start Time Check the schedule
Execution Time 1-3 hours
  • Level 70 character on EU or US server
  • Attack each boss at least once to qualify for loot from that fight
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